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When the massive corporate bankruptcy of Worldwide Aviation is filed in Birmingham, Alabama, and assigned to a corrupt trustee who is an addicted gambler, the local fraternity of greedy bankruptcy lawyers quickly lines up at the attorneys' fee feeding trough, knowing it will be lavishly funded by the trustee in order to insulate himself from blackmail by the six.

Cynically labeled "Birmingham Boys" by those who suspect a conspiracy being funded by obscene fee awards, little can be done so long as the trustee's actions are ratified by a senile Federal judge who rubber stamps his decisions. The unique assets of Worldwide enable the trustee's cronies to abandon any vestige of ethics as they feast on the bankrupt carcass like the vultures they have become. Brazenly using one of the corporate aircraft to import drugs from South America to Birmingham with the help of a wealthy Arab who covets the inventory of distressed aircraft and real estate, the level of bribery and theft attracts attention from both private and government interests.

But when both an FBI investigator and brilliant female lawyer independently focus on the millions being siphoned from the Worldwide bankrupt estate, their loyalties clash as they become overwhelmed by greed and worm their way into the thievery. Ultimately forced to form an involuntary coalition and funded by their illicit cash flow, a need to launder their money propels them into the formation of an international Ponzi scheme, using a failed Bahamian real estate development as the decoy to attract investors. Unfortunately, the highly profitable scam entices both legitimate investors and drug cartel money alike, an inevitable formula for danger.

After strange events begin to criminalize what has become the international scope of the Worldwide bankruptcy, a murder occurs. Jake McCall and John Reed are ultimately assigned the undercover mission of investigating the Birmingham Boys and the suspected acts of one of their own agents, now perceived to be an "off the farm" rogue. Unknown even to McCall and Reed, another pair of covert operatives has been secretly assigned to monitor their investigation, with instructions from an unidentifiable source to "neutralize the problem".

As the four intimidating lawmen work side by side to dissolve the widespread criminal network, they discover it reaches from Birmingham to the Gulf coast involving the infamous Dixie Mafia, then to Miami, Mexico and Nassau. Sworn to preserve the covert status of their shadowy and dangerous counterparts, even the FBI has never been able to learn what they really do, or for whom...officially.



After an industrious branch bank manager in the predominately Hispanic community of South Florida recognizes the beginnings of a Ponzi scheme being masterminded by a brilliant local lawyer, he uses his insider status and electronic wizardry to foster the success of the scheme as a decoy to set up his own bank for liability. After carefully studying the Madoff and similar cases, he learns that the inevitable collapse of any Ponzi scheme will produce massive and unrecoverable losses for legitimate investors. Similarly, he reasons that the missing link of financial responsibility can be filled by orchestrating a blueprint for the undeniable culpability of his own bank. By doing so, he insures that all who invest in the Ponzi scheme, including himself, will prosper when their claims for compensatory and punitive damages are paid by the bank.

The banker has learned that the combination of electronic banking and bank employees who are fundamentally computer operators has produced an environment within which an electronic shell game can be run with multiple accounts capable of being manipulated at will. By opening computerized accounts showing fictitious balances, subject to audit or complaint by no one other than the depositor himself, the corrupt and psychopathic lawyer, the banker successfully hides in the electronic shadows of the Ponzi scheme. He simultaneously discovers that the bank's own president has been bribed and is conspiring with the lawyer to use the obscure branch as a repository for the millions being generated by his scam. Now living in his pathological world of excess and the celebrity his new wealth has brought, the crooked lawyer overlooks the possibility that he will be discovered by an innocuous branch manager. That is, until one of the Ponzi investors thought to be a Mexican cartel boss insists that the lawyer return his money. Unable to do so as his house of cards begins to collapse, the lawyer flees to Morocco, followed by both the Mexican investor's enforcer and special agent Jake McCall of the FBI, now unintended allies in the manhunt.

The intricacies of both the complex Ponzi scheme and the banker's underlying electronic manipulations are both profound and frighteningly real, requiring McCall to revert to his earlier career days as a Miami lawyer in order to gain access to the seamy and dangerous side of the practice by those who push the law too far. Through his unique frame of reference as an attorney and Federal agent, McCall ultimately observes that the cunning little branch banker has remarkably outsmarted both today's electronic banking system and a lawyer who deluded himself into thinking he could do the same.

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The theft of a newly discovered DaVinci masterpiece, instantly assigned a value of almost two-hundred million dollars, becomes the decoy used to distract a group of sophisticated international terrorists from pursuing the real prize, a priceless formula for laser technology which enables computerized molecular replication of all organic matter, essentially everything on our planet, from a "warehouse" of free molecules. The technology represents a quantum leap from our current ability to "carve" or construct in 3D by computer program since it selects the necessary formulation of molecules by shape, size and function as required to "clone" whatever the object may be and whether living, such as a human organ, or inert, such as an airplane part.

The trail of the recently unearthed painting, thought by some experts to be Leonardo's speculative and evasive twenty-third and by others to be an attribution, takes FBI special agent Jake McCall from Miami to Venice, where the Renaissance artist is known to have lived and perhaps produced his long lost twenty-third work. The fortuity of a flood tide in Venice's San Marcos Plaza brings McCall an unforeseeable introduction which, within hours, leads to an attempted murder in Harry's Bar and an unexpected extension of the trail from Venice to Zurich. There the only complete set of specifications for the molecular replication formula is naively thought to be safely stored in a Swiss bank vault, still camouflaged as the DaVinci but subject to the threat of commercial treason by a trusted career bank employee.

Like all of Leonardo's works, the mysterious twenty-third brings with it an intrigue which should be debated by academics within the hallways of notable museums, not thrashed out in the alleyways of Zermatt or the canals of Venice by international terrorists who view the masterpiece as merely a commodity to be used as barter.

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Obsessed since a teenager by the lure of gold in the Rockies, Jake McCall's friend and fraternity brother from college, now a college professor himself, fails to return for the fall semester following his summer of prospecting. Concerned that an accident has left his friend injured and stranded in the mountain wilderness, or perhaps lost or dead, Jake hears of the problem and immediately leaves for Colorado where he is met by the mutual friend who called Jake with the troubling news. Coincidentally, the mutual friend was the last person to see or talk to the professor, or so they thought.

As the hunt begins, the two men soon learn that the professor had finally discovered a small vein of gold on his un-patented claim high above the tree line and near the infamous and now abandoned old London mine near Mosquito Pass. From a frightened bartender in the tiny village of Alma they also learn that the professor had hired two brothers from Leadville to assist in removing and hauling out the gold ore. The bartender also described a heated argument which he overheard the three men having the night of the professor's disappearance.

After enlisting the assistance of an attractive Forestry Service ranger, the three travel deep into the mountains to begin an arduous search for the professor and the two suspected claim jumpers who may be the cause of his disappearance or death. Soon after finding the professor's abandoned Jeep, they encounter an unexpected summer blizzard, making it impossible to return to the ranger's SUV and forcing them to take shelter in a closed mine shaft far removed from the nearest trail. Crawling inside to avoid the storm, they stumble upon evidence which, in the dim light, could explain the professor's disappearance but, according to the ranger's inspection, is undeniably related to the unsolved crime spree from three years prior when young women mysteriously vanished across Hoosier Pass near Breckenridge.

In the quest to find his friend, the grisly and unexpected discovery of human remains above twelve thousand feet catapults Jake into a cold case crime he feels compelled to solve, still unsure of whether his friend was also buried in the tunnel. In doing so he forges a bond with the other two, producing a pact to solve the mystery which others had assumed was forever buried at an altitude where few can even venture or survive.

And solve it the trio does, while narrowly escaping death themselves from threats posed by both bad people and the hostile environment for which Mosquito Pass is renowned. As the beautiful ranger lady would later recount,

"These mountains have a will of their own. They tolerate what they wish, as they wish.  Nothing more. Like their granddaddy, Mount Everest, they take what they want when they want it, unimpressed by money, power or politics. They are the ultimate equalizer."




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