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Don Beverly grew up on the shores of Lake Okeechobee in Palm Beach County, Florida, graduated from Vanderbilt University and the University of Florida Law School, beginning his career in Miami as a trial lawyer. 


During his multi-faceted career, Don Beverly has written many articles about his interests, and is the author of successive editions of the legal treatise, FLORIDA TRIAL EVIDENCE.Don has also served as a Director on the Boards of Chris Craft, Sarasota, Florida; Kirkwood Ski Resort Corporation, Lake Tahoe, Nevada; National Cutting Horse Association, Fort Worth, Texas; Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers; Trial Section of The Florida Bar and as frequent Chair of the Professional Ethics Committee of The Florida Bar.


He ultimately moved to West Palm Beach where he practiced law until retiring to Florida's Gulf Coast where he now continues to pursue his lifelong love of writing, particularly about his numerous life experiences.  Beverly, known to his wife Molly and friends simply as "DB", achieved national prominence as a lawyer.  He has accumulated over five thousand hours as a pilot and has won numerous state and national cutting horse championships.  Don still enjoys skiing in the Rockies and air-boating in the Everglades.





In his break-out first action adventure novel, OPERATION: EVERGLADES, Beverly called upon his personal reservoir of knowledge and experience to take a shot at the bureaucratic shenanigans which have irreparably wounded his beloved Everglades.  While weaving an incredibly well researched but exciting tale of the confusing mix of drugs and terrorism, the story produces strange and often unforeseen allies.  All is enacted in his first book, OPERATION: EVERGLADES, by colorful and credible characters against the backdrop of an astounding wetlands geography and environment seldom seen by humans.  The book easily earned the description "page turner", but at the same time, not always so subtly, communicated a message of national consciousness not to be disregarded. This is clearly the work of a patriot.  To preview sample chapters, please see: Operation Everglades




The second Jake McCall adventure novel, in which McCall finds himself suddenly dispatched by Lear Jet to inspect security at the Crystal River nuclear power plant on Florida's Gulf coast. Suspecting that the nearby historic old cross-state barge canal is being used by a Mexican cartel as the gateway for illegal trafficking in drugs and humans, Jake is unexpectedly confronted by a large and powerful man whose younger brother was murdered years before by the cartel. Vowing revenge and now working as a double agent, the man known to the Mexicans only as el Toro, is both feared and respected in both countries. Now allies, Jake and el Toro engage in a series of bloody battles which leads them to the western coast of Cuba, then to the Bahamas.  Preview sample chapters at: Cartel Connection




The third in the series, begins in the Florida Keys when Jake discovers an unattended fishing boat adrift in the backwaters of Madeira Bay. Abandoning his day of bone-fishing to tow the orphan vessel back to port, Jake and the DEA discover the boat is loaded with cocaine and McCall is involuntarily entrapped in the investigation of who murdered the boat driver and left his body parts as a gruesome trademark. Using the sexually carefree lifestyles of Key West and Las Vegas as camouflage, the mysterious killer can only be identified by the expensive and custom made fisherman's knife with which the victims are dismembered with surgical precision. Jake follows a bloody trail across Interstate 10 from Florida to Las Vegas with little to rely on but the opinion of an eccentric, gay ex-New York cop. Now profiled as pathologically narcissistic and eager to kill anyone deemed unfit, the killer kidnaps a beautiful female FBI agent in Vegas and in a city accustomed to playing the odds, the stakes become life or death.  Preview a sample chapter at: The Ripple Effect Murders




The fourth in the Jake McCall adventure series, begins with a vow by Jake's former law school classmate to avenge the slaughter of his young wife by four drug dealers. Narrowly escaping death himself, the husband builds a hideout deep in the Colorado Rockies and disappears in order to become invisible and later return to south Florida to assassinate his wife's killers. Soon realizing that to kill for revenge will be his own death sentence, he calls on Jake and the FBI to help, having now compiled a detailed and incriminating file on his wife's murderers. As their network of drug smuggling and distribution is unraveled, it leads to a Lebanese born and Americanized kingpin who lures disciples of Islamic extremism into the drug trade as a means to subsidize terrorism and kill multitudes of American infidels, all in the name of Allah. After a young and fanatical American convert to Islam attempts an airborne attack on Disney world, the chase leads to Manhattan and back to Miami where plans for a terrorist drone attack on the Super Bowl are underway."   Preview a sample chapter at Bite The Hand




When the massive corporate bankruptcy of Worldwide Aviation is filed in Birmingham, Alabama, and assigned to a corrupt trustee who is an addicted gambler, the local fraternity of greedy bankruptcy lawyers quickly lines up at the attorneys' fee feeding trough, knowing it will be lavishly funded by the trustee in order to insulate himself from blackmail by the six.  Cynically labeled the "Birmingham Boys" by those who suspect a conspiracy being funded by obscene fee awards, little can be done so long as the trustee's actions are ratified by a senile Federal judge who rubber stamps his decisions. The unique assets of Worldwide enable the trustee's cronies to abandon any vestige of ethics as they feast on the bankrupt carcass like the vultures they have become. Brazenly using one of the corporate aircraft to import drugs from South America to Birmingham with the help of a wealthy Arab who covets the inventory of distressed aircraft and real estate, the level of bribery and theft attracts attention from both private and government interests.  But when both an FBI investigator and brilliant female lawyer independently focus on the millions being siphoned from the Worldwide bankrupt estate, their loyalties clash as they become overwhelmed by greed and worm their way into the thievery. Ultimately forced to form an involuntary coalition and funded by their illicit cash flow, a need to launder their money propels them into the formation of an international Ponzi scheme, using a failed Bahamian real estate development as the decoy to attract investors. Unfortunately, the highly profitable scam entices both legitimate investors and drug cartel money alike, an inevitable formula for danger.  Preview 'Birmingham Boys'




After an industrious branch bank manager in the predominately Hispanic community of South Florida recognizes the beginnings of a Ponzi scheme being masterminded by a brilliant local lawyer, he uses his insider status and electronic wizardry to foster the success of the scheme as a decoy to set up his own bank for liability. After carefully studying the Madoff and similar cases, he learns that the inevitable collapse of any Ponzi scheme will produce massive and unrecoverable losses for legitimate investors. Similarly, he reasons that the missing link of financial responsibility can be filled by orchestrating a blueprint for the undeniable culpability of his own bank. By doing so, he insures that all who invest in the Ponzi scheme, including himself, will prosper when their claims for compensatory and punitive damages are paid by the bank.

The banker has learned that the combination of electronic banking and bank employees who are fundamentally computer operators has produced an environment within which an electronic shell game can be run with multiple accounts capable of being manipulated at will. By opening computerized accounts showing fictitious balances, subject to audit or complaint by no one other than the depositor himself, the corrupt and psychopathic lawyer, the banker successfully hides in the electronic shadows of the Ponzi scheme. He simultaneously discovers that the bank's own president has been bribed and is conspiring with the lawyer to use the obscure branch as a repository for the millions being generated by his scam. Now living in his pathological world of excess and the celebrity his new wealth has brought, the crooked lawyer overlooks the possibility that he will be discovered by an innocuous branch manager. That is, until one of the Ponzi investors thought to be a Mexican cartel boss insists that the lawyer return his money. Unable to do so as his house of cards begins to collapse, the lawyer flees to Morocco, followed by both the Mexican investor's enforcer and special agent Jake McCall of the FBI, now unintended allies in the manhunt.

The intricacies of both the complex Ponzi scheme and the banker's underlying electronic manipulations are both profound and frighteningly real, requiring McCall to revert to his earlier career days as a Miami lawyer in order to gain access to the seamy and dangerous side of the practice by those who push the law too far. Through his unique frame of reference as an attorney and Federal agent, McCall ultimately observes that the cunning little branch banker has remarkably outsmarted both today's electronic banking system and a lawyer who deluded himself into thinking he could do the same.





HOW TO TALK WESTERN, is a book of Western humor which the author characterizes as "a primer of words and phrases for all sorts of tin horns and wanna-be cowboys who need to learn how to talk-the-talk so they can walk-the-walk."  He cautions, "If you're looking for a serious read, avoid this book at all costs."  Preview sample chapters of this fun book at How To Talk Western..



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